Terms of Service

Refund, Cancellation, and Credits Policy:

A full payment will reserve a seat in the selected class/session/sessions


A cancellation must be requested by parents and/or guardians in writing email or post mail to Discover Learning Center. It should include the student’s name, class/session, and the reasons for the cancellation, refund request, or keep the fund as credit.  Any phone calls text messages will not be qualified as a cancellation request.


A full refund will be issued if the cancellation is requested at least three weeks before the beginning of class/session/sessions, and the registration fee will be charged.  The refund check will be processed via bank. Refund check process fee is $30 per class or per session.


If the family choose to receive a credit instead of a refund.  This credit will be the full amount of the program fees paid (including non-refundable deposit).  The credit or credits shall be used within the next 1 years for the Discover Learning Center programs for any immediate family member.  Credits are not redeemable for cash.


There will be no refund after the class/session/sessions start.  Registration fee is not refundable. 


If a refund request is made within three weeks prior to the beginning of the session/sessions, $100 withdraw fee will be charged.


If the cancellation is made by Discover Learning Center, we will fully refund the tuition and registration fee.


A returned check fee is $50.00


For unscheduled days during which a student will be absent, there is no partial credit or refund will be given.

Due to the illness, the parents and/or guardians request to withdraw from the class/session.  The request must include a note from a licensed physician.  We will offer prorated credit towards a future class.

Discover Learning Center does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical ability, or cultural or religious background.


Behavior Code:

Discover Learning Center directors review the following key expectations with students at the beginning of each session:

  1. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  2. No running in the classroom or the school building.
  3. Eat only in designated areas at designated times.
  4. No cursing or swearing.
  5. Follow teachers' instructions.


Students who fail to meet these expectations after several verbal reminders will be removed from class and their parents notified.

In the unlikely event that a student's behavior represents a safety issue, Discover Learning Center will remove the student from the program and there will be no refund of program fees.


Authorization to obtain emergency medical care:

By enrolling in our program, you authorize Discover Learning Center to obtain emergency medical care if any emergency occurs when the parent/guardian(s) cannot be located immediately.


/Sign out every day /every time by parents and/or guardians:

Our program is organized as four-week, full-day or half-day classes, or hourly classes. We require parents and/or guardians to sign-in and sign-out when arriving and departing their classrooms, and our instructors take attendance. It is our policy to contact parents if students are absent or depart before the regular end of class without prior notification by a parent.


Photography and Video:

By enrolling in our program, you allow Discover Learning Center to take photographs and video of your child, which may be posted in our Instagram.  If Discover Learning Center would like to put the photo and/or Video in any catalog, website, and other promotional materials, we will contact the parents and/or guardians to request a permit.

If you do not want us to photograph or take video of your child, please send a written request before attendance begins with a photo of your child.



 Discover Learning Center uses email to send updates about classes that you enroll in. You must provide a valid email address that you check regularly to receive these updates.


Parental Release and Consent for Medical Treatment:

My child is enrolled in Discover Learning Center.  I hereby release Discover Learning Center and its Director, staff and teachers from any and all liabilities for injuries to my child or damage property of my child due to activities outside classroom. I accept the full risk and responsibility for any damage or injury.

I, the undersigned, am one of the parents of the minor named above.  I know that I may not be available to personally authorize medical, dental, surgical care and hospitalization for said minor. 

I hereby give my consent and authorization for any emergency diagnostic procedure, medical, dental, surgical care and hospitalization that any health care provider so determined as advisable, in the best judgment of said health care provider including, but not limited to, any physician, dentist or hospital personnel providing health care to the minor. I agree to be responsible for the cost of the emergency medical treatment.