Terms of Service

Refund Policy:  A full payment will reserve a seat in the selected session/sessions.  A full refund will be issued if it is requested at least two weeks before the beginning of session/sessions, and the registration fee will be charged.  There will be no refund after the session/sessions start.  Registration fee is not refundable.  If a refund request is made within two weeks prior to the beginning of the session/sessions, $100 withdraw fee will be charged.



My child is enrolled in Discover Learning Center.  I hereby release Discover Learning Center and its Director, staff and teachers from any and all liabilities for injuries to my child or damage property of my child due to activities outside classroom. I accept the full risk and responsibility for any damage or injury.

I, the undersigned, am one of the parents of the minor named above.  I know that I may not be available to personally authorize medical, dental, surgical care and hospitalization for said minor. 

I hereby give my consent and authorization for any emergency diagnostic procedure, medical, dental, surgical care and hospitalization that any health care provider so determined as advisable, in the best judgment of said health care provider including, but not limited to, any physician, dentist or hospital personnel providing health care to the minor. I agree to be responsible for the cost of the emergency medical treatment.